Friday, August 17, 2007


The drought continues. It is difficult watching our garden wilt and noting that native trees, which are decades old, appear to be dying.

The frosts were extremely biting this Winter and I have vowed not to tend our garden until late September just in case there is yet another very late Spring frost.

The return to a normal frosty Winter does give hope that we may be returning to a normal weather pattern which would mean rain may again fall.

So, what do you do when it doesn't rain? Well, you can't garden but you can still leave the house and take photographs.

I know this is silly but one needs to keep a sense of humour. The feral cactus (or is that cactii) is the only green thing on the farm. I decided to taunt them.

At least I have the wallabies! They eat from my struggling garden but their dear little faces melt my heart.


MsCatCalls said...

.. And here in England we have had so much rain rain rain and not enough sun and all the little plants in the back yard ( like tomato s , beans , peppers ) are rotting off at the roots .
Its wierd . But its green ... and in these last days we have had some sun too so I cant complain .
The wallabies do look so sweet , do they come close ?
When I was staying with friends in USA I was shocked by some of the creatures that roam in gthe gardens , things Ive never seen here , like possums and the like . I thought they looked really cute but they seem to be looked upon as vermin .

otilius said...

taking photographs is always a good idea--even when it DOES rain...

Lily said...

Well at least you haven't had to watch helplessly as your lawn grew an inch a day in the rain but was too wet to cut for two weeks! Any sign of a cloud yet?